We advise senior staff and support institutions with the design and implementation of teaching strategies and continuing professional development. Our team is composed of academics, qualified coaches and teaching advisors skilled at supporting experienced teachers as well as those who are new to teaching.  

Learning and teaching in higher education

We offer the following education quality enhancement services:

1. Education strategy and policy development. We provide expertise on inclusive curriculum, assessment review, online teaching resources.

2. Academic leadership development, facilitation and evaluation. This area of work focuses on recognising and rewarding teaching and collaborative strategy development 

3. Individual coaching and mentoring to support professional development and career progression, 

Learning and teaching in schools

We provide expertise in supporting schools meeting the needs of pupils with English as an additional language. We offer these services to early years and foundation stage, as well as primary and secondary.

We help schools develop curricula that prepare all pupils for life in a diverse society. We place particular focus on:

1. The importance of a culturally inclusive curriculum that reflects the diversity of individual schools and the diversity of Britain.  

2. Schools' responsibility under the Equality Act 2010.

3. Schools' duty to promote fundamental British values.

We also offer pupil based workshops on challenging stereotypes.

Train the trainers

We offer bespoke training to both higher education institutions and schools' staff to equip them to address the challenges of delivering learning to groups of diverse learners. These include: curriculum development, teaching of sensitive subjects and inclusive practice.

Feedback from clients


Dr Gournet is an experienced Higher Education professional with a track record in leadership, education strategy and policy development, and the coaching and mentoring of others. She has led Academic Development in a post-92 university for a substantial number of years, leading and enthusing academic and professional service staff to engage in their own personal development leading to fellowships, external funding and acclaimed awards (e.g. National Teaching Fellowship; Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy). Her oversight of other initiatives such as Staff Excellence Awards helped foster a culture where teaching is valued and staff are encouraged to excel, and many of these strands were evidenced in the TEF Gold Award of June 2018 of this institution, with the Panel recognising the “thorough and systematic embedding of an institutional culture for the recognition and reward of teaching excellence”.

Dr Gournet will be able to draw on her depth of experience of the higher education landscape to work with individuals and teams to address the pedagogic challenges facing the sector today.

Dr Viv Rolfe (NTF, PFHEA)  - September 2018

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